Eros is a continent inhabited by various intelligent races, lesser fauna and flora ranging from forest to marshland. Mountains lie along the northern areas with the exception of one Volcano, Voleros, found on the island Ellun. The continent is divided into two halves, Atheros and Detheros. Their border is marked by the Ellun River. The entire continent is surrounded by the Quarian Ocean.

Common Lore

A common myth betwixt both halves of Eros was that originally the continent was created by a Goddess, Ath and a God, Deth. The God and the Goddess loved each other and for many years the land and people of Eros prospered. Eventually, the God and Goddess bore a son, Voleros who is said to now reside within the volcano. The land’s fruitful harvests and hunts began to decline, and although the peoples of Eros still lived quite well off, this decline was blamed on the assumed turmoil of the God and Goddess’ relationship.


This lack of prosperity led to discord between Atheros and Detheros. The two lands often had disputes over raw goods and currency. Eventually, while the original capital of Eros was Elluneros located in Atheros, the citizens of Detheros rose up and created their own capital Ortheros. In that process, they banned trade between the two halves of the country, created their own currency and elected government officials.

While a war between the two has not yet occurred, it is very possible to happen in the future.


Two Halves of a Whole Denars