Atheros is one of the two nations of the Eros continent. It is thought to have been created by the Goddess Ath. Its capital is Elluneros.

Cities and Villages


Atheros’ government is a democracy. There is an elected figurehead (Currently Rellain Snodgrass) and 12 elected members of her/his council who evaluate and put laws into effect. All laws and officials are voted directly by the people in Atheros who are registered to vote. To vote, one must pass a literacy test.


Most of Atheros’ peoples live in matriarchal societies. Women are treated as men’s equals in society and often hold public office and own businesses. The largest industries in Atheros are gathering raw goods, fishing, and farming (which mostly stays in the nation). The nation is not aggressively industrializing, but it is happening on farms and in fishing villages with equipment.


In the north of Atheros is a large mountain range, called the Errian Mountains. There is a peninsula on the western side of the nation next to the Terreth Bay. To the south lies the Luna Forest, wherein many of the Elves of the continent stay. East from the forest lies the Nil Plains and to the south of them, the Nethen Marsh. The border of the nation is a river and lake, Ellun.


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