Male Human Ranger


Str: 11/13
Int: 10/90
Wis: 11/87
Dex: 10/76
Con: 16/01
Looks: 16/01
Cha: 11/71
Def: +0 w/ Longsword
-2 w/out
Hp: 34/34
Init: +4
Physical Save: +2


Back Story:
Born on the neutral isle of Ellun to the great Atherosi ranger Michael Abbot and his Detherosi wife Kalliana. Lacking his father’s exceptional physical faculties, and his mother’s mental ones, he believes himself falling short of both of his parent’s expectations, though this is not true. This, combined with his depression since birth, has caused him to become a habitual braggart, in a vain attempt to try to fill their expectations. He has a habit of interceding himself into situations of which he probably shouldn’t, which has earned him his share of beatings over the years. This developed, in part, out of a want to protect his youngest sister, who was always frail and sickly. His reasons for adventuring are, first and foremost, out of need to find his kidnapped father, and, secondly, out of a mild case of wanderlust. His father was kidnapped during a hunting trip. He and his father had separated to try and find more game. He found some game and tried to shoot it, but his bow snapped on his first attempt to catch something, so he returned to the arranged rendezvous to wait for his father, but, upon entering the small clearing, he found signs of a struggle, including his father’s most treasured bow , which had been sliced in two in the confrontation. He found tracks of at least six different people, besides his father’s tracks. Following them, he found a discarded and damaged shield that clearly bore the Detherosi royal coat of arms upon it’s face. Following the tracks further, he reached the ferry, where he lost the trail. Returning to his family, he and his mother decided that he would gather a group together to try and find his father, after first obtaining the means and experience to take on a group who was strong enough to overpower his father, with this in mind, he set off to the Atherosi capital Elluneros, knowing he would have a higher chance of getting a group together in the massive city. he took a large percentage of his parent’s small savings to outfit himself, and to help him get there. Astounded by the size of the city, he somehow managed to get the word out that he is looking for a group to get together.


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